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  1. Hi Keith,
    here are some German Fairport Dates, I recall from the original tickets:

    12:00 Radio Broadcast WDR Cologne (these concerts were always transmitted live at that time)
    20:00 Bochum, Zeche (First time I saw them…)

    15.11.1997: Lindenbrauerei Unna

    7.5.2000 Lindenbrauerei Unna

    6.11.2003 Steinenhaus, Solingen

    I saw them in 1985 again in Bochum (Zeche) and around May/June 1987 in Recklinghausen (Flexi) and in the 200? in Mülheim/Ruhr.
    All the best with your project…

    • Thanks Olaf – very much appreciated.
      I will incorporate these dates in my next update.
      Kind regards,

  2. I definitely saw them at the University of East Anglia in late 1969 – Sandy was still singing and I remember it like yesterday.Everyone just sat on the floor and the only sound came from the stage. Magical!

  3. FC played Sloth at the first Cropredy in 1979 and Maddy Prior came on to sing something 9not an FC song) but sadly I don’t recall what.

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