‘Matisse and the Fauves’ in Vienna.

In the beautiful Austrian capital, Vienna, for the excellent ‘Matisse and the Fauves’ exhibition at the Albertina. Fascinating, colourful paintings from Matisse, Derain, de Vlaminck, et al.


ImageHenri Matisse ‘Open Window, Collioure’ (1905)

André Derain ‘Fishing Boats, Collioure’ (1905)

ImageMaurice de Vlaminck ‘André Derain’ (1906)

ImageHenri Manguin ‘The Prints’ (1905)

Also a great opportunity to go to the Leopold Museum to see the Schiele and Kokoschka collections. A wonderful weekend of art!


ImageEgon Schiele ‘Self Portrait’ (1912)

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