Matisse and Malevich at Tate Modern, London

At Tate Modern in London for two excellent exhibitions.  First was ‘Henri Matisse: Cut- Outs’. When Matisse was prevented from painting by ill health he took to cutting out shapes from painted paper and invented a new medium. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see so many of these works together and it was a major triumph.

Matisse Cut Outs

Matisse 'Icarus' (1943 - 44)

Henri Matisse ‘Icarus’ (1943 – 44)

Matisse Blue Nude II (1952)

Henri Matisse Blue Nude II (1952)

Matisse 'The Parakeet and the Mermaid' (1952)

Henri Matisse ‘The Parakeet and the Mermaid’ (1952)

Matisse 'The Snail' (1953)

Henri Matisse ‘The Snail’ (1953)

The second exhibition was a wonderful retrospective of the career of Kazimir Malevich. Malevich was an extremely influential artist whose experiments led him to the invention of Suprematism, epitomised by the infamous ‘Black Square’. The exhibition started with his early Russian landscapes and paintings of peasant workers, continued through the abstract Suprematist works and ended with his return to figurative painting in his later life.

Malevich exhibition

Malevich 'Self Portrait' (1908 - 10)

Kazimir Malevich ‘Self Portrait’ (1908 – 10)

Malevich 'An Englishman in Moscow' (1914)

Kazimir Malevich ‘An Englishman in Moscow’ (1914)

Malevich 'Supremus No 50' (1915)

Kazimir Malevich ‘Supremus No 50’ (1915)

Malevich 'Head of a Peasant' (1928 - 29)

Kazimir Malevich ‘Head of a Peasant’ (1928 – 29)

Malevich 'Black Square' (1929)

Kazimir Malevich ‘Black Square’ (1929)

Malevich 'Woman with Rake' (1930 - 32)

Kazimir Malevich ‘Woman with Rake’ (1930 – 32)

Malevich 'Self Portrait' (1933)

Kazimir Malevich ‘Self Portrait’ (1933)


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