‘Painting in Normandy’ exhibition in Ljubljana

In Ljubljana, Slovenia, for the exhibition ‘Painting in Normandy’. Works by French artists in the Normandy region from the Realism of Courbet and Corot and the Impressionism of Monet to the Post-Impressionism of Bonnard and Vuillard.

Coubert 'The Beach at Trouville' (c.1865)

 Gustave Courbet ‘The Beach at Trouville’ (c.1865)

Monet 'Etretat' (c.1864)

Claude Monet ‘Étretat’ (c.1864)

Vuillard 'The Garden at Amfreville' (c.1905 - 07)

Edouard Vuillard ‘The Garden at Amfreville’ (c.1905 – 07)

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