‘Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting’ at the Louvre

A wonderful exhibition of paintings of genre scenes of the daily lives of the Dutch urban elite in the 1650s and 60s. The exhibition shows that far from being a lone figure, Vermeer was part of a network of painters, including Gerard Ter Borch, Pieter de Hooch and Gabriel Metsu, all painting similar subjects.

Vermeer 'The Milkmaid' (c.1657 - 58)

Johannes Vermeer ‘The Milkmaid’ (c.1657 – 58)

Vermeer 'The Astronomer' (c.1668)

Johannes Vermeer ‘The Astronomer’ (c.1668)

Vermeer 'The Geographer' (c.1668 - 69)

Johannes Vermeer ‘The Geographer’ (c.1668 – 69)

Vermeer 'The Lacemaker' (c.1669 - 70)

Johannes Vermeer ‘The Lacemaker’ (c.1669 – 70)

Gerard Ter Borch 'Woman at a Mirror' (1651 - 52)

Gerard Ter Booch ‘Woman at a Mirror’ (1651 – 52)

Pieter de Hooch 'A Woman Nursing an Infant with a Child and a Dog' (c.1658 - 60)

Pieter de Hooch ‘Woman Nursing an Infant, with a Child and a Dog’ (c.1658 – 60)

Gabriel Metsu 'Woman Reading a Letter' (1664 - 66)

Gabriel Metsu ‘Woman Reading a Letter’ (1664 – 66)

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