‘Picasso Primitif’ at Musée du Quai Branly, Paris

A fascinating exhibition which shows the influence of non-western arts on Picasso’s career. On display are items from Picasso’s own collection of African and Oceanic art as well as works by him that they influenced.

Picasso Primitif poster

Picasso Primitif

Female Body Mask [Nevimbumbao] Vanuatu

Female Body Mask [Nevimbumbao], Vanuatu

Masque Grebo, Musee Picasso

Grebo Mask, Ivory Coast

Picasso 'Three Figures under a Tree' (1907)

Pablo Picasso ‘Three Figures under a Tree’ (1907)

Picasso 'Standing Nude Profile' (1920)

Pablo Picasso ‘Standing Nude Profile’ (1920)

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