‘Living Natures’ exhibition at Chateau de Biron

At Chateau de Biron in the Dordogne for the exhibition ‘Living Natures’. Representations of nature in  art from the collections of the Maeght Foundation.

Kandinsky 'Red Knot' (1936)

Wassily Kandinsky ‘Red Knot’ (1936)

Leger 'La partie de campagne' (1954)

Fernand Léger ‘La partie de campagne’ (1954)

Chagall 'Tour Eiffel à l'âne rouge' (lithograph, 1954)

Marc Chagall ‘Tour Eiffel à l’âne rouge’ (1954)

Braque 'The Bird and his Shadow I' (lithograph, 1959)

Georges Braque ‘The Bird and his Shadow’ (1959)

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