‘Picasso, Donner à voir’ in Montpellier

At Musée Fabre in Montpellier, south of France, for the fascinating ‘Picasso, Donner à voir’ exhibition. It looks at the whole of Picasso’s career by examining fourteen milestone moments in which a new style emerged or he began a fresh direction in his artistic practise.

It begins with Picasso as a teenager painting in Spain, moves on to his arrival in Paris and continues through the blue period, ‘Demoiselles d’Avignon’, Cubism, the return to classicism after World War I, Surrealism, the ‘Guernica’ period and his late career.

Picasso 'Self-Portrait' (1896)

Pablo Picasso ‘Self-Portrait’ (1896)

Picasso 'Woman Ironing' (1901)

Pablo Picasso ‘Woman Ironing’ (1901)

Picasso 'Three Figures under a Tree' (1907 - 08)

Pablo Picasso ‘Three Figures under a Tree’ (1907 – 08)

Picasso 'Still-Life with Chair Caning' (1912)

Pablo Picasso ‘Still-Life with Chair Caning’ (1912)

Picasso 'Pan's Flute' (1923)

Pablo Picasso ‘Pan’s Flute’ (1923)

Picasso 'Harlequin Musician' (1924)

Pablo Picasso ‘Harlequin Musician’ (1924)

Picasso 'Portrait of Marie-Thérèse' (1937)

Pablo Picasso ‘Portrait of Marie-Thérèse’ (1937)

Picasso 'Women of Algiers, after Delacroix' (version H, 1955)

Pablo Picasso ‘Women of Algiers, after Delacroix’ (version H, 1955)

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