‘The Talisman’ of Paul Sérusier at the Musée d’Orsay

Paul Sérusier 'The Talisman' (1888)

Paul Sérusier ‘The Talisman’ (1888)

In 1888 Paul Sérusier was painting together with Paul Gauguin in Pont Aven, Brittany, north-west France. Gauguin advised Sérusier: “How do you see these trees? They are yellow. So, put in yellow; this shadow, rather blue, paint it with pure ultramarine; these red leaves? Put in vermilion.”

When Serusier returned to Paris he showed his painting to his fellow artists (the future ‘Nabis’) and it was to be their influence in developing a style which would be revolutionary in its relationship between colour and form. The painting became their ‘Talisman’.

Paul Gauguin 'Fête Gloanec' (1888)

Paul Gauguin ‘Fête Gloanec’ (1888)

Maurice Denis 'Landscape with Green Trees' (1893)

Maurice Denis ‘Landscape with Green Trees’ (1893)

George Lacombe 'Marine Blue. The Effects of Waves' (c.1893)

George Lacombe ‘Marine Blue, the effects of waves’ (c.1893)

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