Festival du 8 de Montcabrier

In Montcabrier in the Lot for the annual visit to the Festival du 8 de Montcabrier. A very eclectic selection of works, with a first half of pieces connected by the theme of travel, with Felicien David’s ‘Marche de la Caravane’ from his ode-symphony ‘Le Desért’,  Henri Duparc’s setting of Charles Baudelaire’s poem ‘L’Invitation au voyage’, and Camille Saint-Saëns’ ‘Tournoiements’ from ‘Mélodies persanes’.  They were followed by Felix Mendelssohn’s overture ‘The Hebrides’ and four pieces by Hector Berlioz: ‘Villanelle’ and ‘L’île inconnue’ from ‘Les nuits d’été’, extracts from ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Le Bal’ from ‘Symphonie fantastique’.

Festival du 8 de Montcabrier 2019

David: ‘Marche de la Caravane’; Duparc: ‘L’Invitation au voyage’; Saint-Saëns: ‘Tournoiements’ from ‘Mélodies persanes’;  Mendelssohn: overture ‘The Hebrides’; Berlioz: ‘Villanelle’, ‘L’île inconnue’, extracts from ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Le Bal’ from ‘Symphonie fantastique’.

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