El Greco at the Grand Palais, Paris

At the Grand Palais for the first major retrospective of the work of El Greco in France. Domenico Theotokopolous, known as El Greco, was born in Crete in 1541. He travelled to both Venice and Rome before setting in Toledo, Spain, where he made his name.

Whilst his extreme Mannerist style with elongated figures was puzzling to his contemporaries, he was very influential with later artists, including Picasso, who is said to have based some of the figures in ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’ on El Greco’s ‘The Vision of Saint John’.

El Greco 'The Disrobing of Christ' (c.1579)

El Greco ‘The Disrobing of Christ’ (c.1579)

El Greco 'Saint Dominic in Prayer' (c.1585 - 90)

El Greco ‘Saint Dominic in Prayer’ (c.1585 – 90)

El Greco 'Saint Martin and the Beggar' (1597 - 99)

El Greco ‘Saint Martin and the Beggar’ (1597 – 99)

El Greco 'Portrait of Cardinal Nino de Guevara' (c.1600)

El Greco ‘Portrait of Cardinal Niño de Guevara’ (c.1600)

El Greco 'Saint Luke' (c.1605)

El Greco ‘Saint Luke’ (c.1605)

El Greco 'Laocoon' (c.1610)

El Greco ‘Laocoon’ (c.1610)

El Greco 'The Vision of Saint John' (1610 - 14)

El Greco ‘The Vision of Saint John’ (1610 – 14)

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