In search of Piero (part III) Urbino

Continuing the Piero della Francesca trail to the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino, where two of the artist’s works can be found.

‘The Flagellation of Christ’ was described by the art historian Kenneth Clarke as “the greatest small painting in the world”. The scene on the left depicts a flagellation, assumed to be of Christ, whilst the portrayal of the three figures in the right foreground is something of an enigma, with numerous theories as to who they might be.

The ‘Madonna di Senigallia’ is a smallish painting and was probably originally used for private devotion. Surprisingly, it was not noticed until 1822 in the church of the Observant Franciscan convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, just outside Senigallia in Marche, hence the name by which it is now known. After its discovery it was taken to the Palazzo Ducale.

Piero della Francesca ‘The Flagellation of Christ’ (c.1455)

Piero della Francesca ‘Madonna di Senigallia’ (c.1474)

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