Bartolomé Bermejo in Barcelona

At the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona for the fascinating exhibition ‘Bermejo: the 15th century Rebel Genius’.

Bartolomé Bermejo is one of the most interesting painters of the fifteenth century. Probably born in Córdoba, he lived an itinerant life, working in Valencia,  Zaragoza and  Barcelonapartly because of his status as a converted Jew, which forced him to work together with other artists  to  get round the restrictions of the painters’ guild. He was fascinating because of his mastery of the oil painting technique usually practised at that time by Flemish artists.

Bermejo 'Saint Michael triumphant over the Devil' (1468)

Bartolomé Bermejo ‘St. Michael Triumphant over the Devil’ (1468)

Bermejo 'Flagellation of Saint Engracia' (c.1474 - 77)

Bartolomé Bermejo ‘Flagellation of Saint Engracia’ (c.1474 – 77)

Bermejo 'Descent of Christ into Limbo' (c.1475)

Bartolomé Bermejo ‘Descent of Christ into Limbo’ (c.1475)

Bermejo 'Diespla Pieta' (1490)

Bartolomé Bermejo ‘Desplà Pietà’ (1490)

Bermejo 'Adoration of the Magi' (c.1500)

Bartolomé Bermejo ‘Adoration of the Magi’ (c.1500)

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