Picasso and Miró in Barcelona

Looking at the permanent collections of the excellent Museu Picasso de Barcelona, particularly rich in paintings from the beginning of his career as well as the later ‘Las Meninas’ series, and the Fondacio de Joan Miró, created by the artist himself, mainly with works from his own private collection.

Picasso 'Man in a Beret' (1895 - painted aged 14)

Pablo Picasso ‘Man in a Beret’ (1895) – painted at the age of fourteen

Picasso 'Science and Charity' (1897)

Pablo Picasso ‘Science and Charity’ (1897)

Picasso 'Waiting (Margo)' (1901)

Pablo Picasso ‘Waiting (Margot)’ (1901)

Picasso 'Harlequin (Léonide Massine)' (1917)

Pablo Picasso ‘Harlequin (Léonide Massine)’ (1917)

Picasso 'Las Meninas' (1957)

Pablo Picasso ‘Las Meninas’ (1957)

Joan Miro 'Flame in Space and Nude Woman' (1932)

Joan Miró ‘Flame in Space and Nude Woman’ (1932)

Miro 'Man and Woman in front of a pile of Excrement' (1935)

Joan Miró ‘Man and Woman in front of a pile of excrement’ (1935)

Miro 'Morning Star' (1940)

Joan Miró ‘Morning Star’ (1940)

Miro 'Moon, sun and one star' (1968)

Joan Miró ‘Moon, sun and one star’ (1968)

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