Leonardo drawings at Buckingham Palace

At the exhibition ‘Leonardo da Vinci – A Life in Drawing’ in the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace. The exhibition is a survey of the drawings of Leonardo from throughout his career, from Florence to Milan and on to Rome, and then north again via Tuscany and Lombardy, eventually ending up in France, where he spent the final years of his life in the service of Francis I at the Château de Chambord.

The drawings range from preparatory studies for paintings to anatomical sketches and architectural designs. The exhibition contains over 200 drawings, which were bought by Charles II for the Royal Collection in the seventeenth century.

Leonardo da Vinci - A Life in Drawing

Leonardo 'A Man tricked by Gypsies' (c.1493)

Leonardo da Vinci ‘A Man tricked by Gypsies’ (c.1493)

Leonardo 'The Head of Leda' (c.1505 - 08)

Leonardo da Vinci ‘The Head of Leda’ (c.1505 – 08)

Leonardo 'A Star-of-Bethlehem and other Plants' (c.1506 - 12)

Leonardo da Vinci ‘A Star-of-Bethlehem and other Plants’ (c.1506 – 12)

Leonardo 'The Fetus in the Womb' (c.1511)

Leonardo da Vinci ‘The Fetus in the Womb’ (c.1511)

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