‘Ilya Repin’ at the Petit Palais

Ilya Repin was one of the most-renowned Russian artists of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The exhibition at the Petit Palais in Paris was a major retrospective covering his whole career from paintings completed during his studies at the Saint Petersburg Academy, works displayed as part of the Peredvizhniki group and his portraits of himself, his family and major Russian composers and writers.

Ilya Repin ‘Preparation for the Examination’ (1864)

Ilya Repin ‘Barge Haulers on the Volga’ (1870 – 73)

Ilya Repin ‘Religious Procession in the Province of Koursk’ (1881 – 83)


Ilya Repin ‘Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom’ (1876)

Self-Portrait, 1887 - Ilya Repin - WikiArt.org

Ilya Repin ‘Self-Portrait’ (1887)

Ilya Repin ‘Portrait of Yuri Repin’ (1882)

Ilya Repin ‘Portrait of Nadia Repin’ (1881)

Ilya Repin ‘Modest Mussorgsky’ (1881)

Ilya Repin ‘Leo Tolstoy’ (1887)

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