‘Picasso. Sculptures’ at Musée Picasso, Paris

At the Picasso Museum, Paris, for an excellent exhibition of sculpture from throughout his career, as well as an opportunity to see the works in the permanent collection.

Picasso. Sculptures exhibition poster

Picasso 'Le Verre d'Absinthe' (1914)

Pablo Picasso ‘La Verre d’Absinthe’ (1914)

Picasso 'Head of a Woman' (1931 - 32)

Pablo Picasso ‘Head of a Woman’ (1931 – 32)

Picasso 'Woman with Hat' (1961)

Pablo Picasso ‘Woman with Hat’ (1961)

Picasso 'Self-Portrait' (1901)

Pablo Picasso ‘Self Portrait’ (1901)

Picasso 'Corrida - la Mort du Torero' (1933)

Pablo Picasso ‘Corrida – La Mort du Torero’ (1933)

Picasso 'Portrait of Marie-Therese' (1937)

Pablo Picasso ‘Portrait of Marie-Thérèse’ (1937)

Paul Klee at Centre Pompidou, Paris

In Paris for the exhibition ‘Paul Klee – L’Ironie a l’Oeuvre’ at Centre Pompidou. A fascinating retrospective of Klee’s career from his early satirical drawings, through his association with Der Blaue Reiter and as a master at the Bauhaus.

Klee 'Saint-Germain near Tunis' (1914)

Paul Klee ‘Saint-Germain near Tunis’ (1914)

Klee 'Pictorial Architecture Red, Yellow, Blue' (1923)

Paul Klee ‘Pictorial Architecture Red Yellow Blue (1923)

Klee 'Highway and By-Ways' (1929)

Paul Klee ‘Highways and By-Ways’ (1929)

Klee 'Struck from the List' (1933)

Paul Klee ‘Struck from the List’ (1933)