‘Living Natures’ exhibition at Chateau de Biron

At Chateau de Biron in the Dordogne for the exhibition ‘Living Natures’. Representations of nature in  art from the collections of the Maeght Foundation.

Kandinsky 'Red Knot' (1936)

Wassily Kandinsky ‘Red Knot’ (1936)

Leger 'La partie de campagne' (1954)

Fernand Léger ‘La partie de campagne’ (1954)

Chagall 'Tour Eiffel à l'âne rouge' (lithograph, 1954)

Marc Chagall ‘Tour Eiffel à l’âne rouge’ (1954)

Braque 'The Bird and his Shadow I' (lithograph, 1959)

Georges Braque ‘The Bird and his Shadow’ (1959)

‘La Modernite en Bretagne’ in Pont-Aven

In Pont-Aven, Brittany, home of the Pont-Aven School of artists who gathered around Paul Gauguin and Emile Bernard in the 1880s. Paul Serusier painted the work known as ‘The Talisman’ there, which would be instrumental in the beginning of the Nabis movement.

The Musée de Pont-Aven has an extensive permanent collection of paintings by Nabis artists and an excellent temporary exhibition of ‘La Modernite en Bretagne’.

Gauguin 'Les Lavandieres in Pont-Aven' (1886)

Paul Gauguin ‘Les Lavandiéres à Pont-Aven’ (1886)

Emile Bernard 'Madeleine au Bois d'Amour' (1888)

Emile Bernard ‘Madeleine au Bois d’Amour’ (1888)

La Modernite en Bretagne 2 exhibition

‘Odilon Redon’ in Quimper

At the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Quimper for the exhibition ‘Paysages d’Odilon Redon’, a collection of mainly landscape paintings by Redon from his native Aquitaine and Brittany.

Paysages d'Odilon Redon exhibition

Odilon Redon 'Peyrelebade, domaine familial près de Listrac' (1896 - 97)

Odilon Redon ‘Peyrelebade, domaine familial près de Listrac’ (1896 – 97)

Odilon Redon 'Saint Sébastien' (c.1910)

Odilon Redon ‘Saint Sébastien’ (c.1910)

Odilon Redon 'Sommeil de Caliban' (c.1912)

Odilon Redon ‘Sommeil de Caliban’ (c.1912)