‘La Modernite en Bretagne’ in Pont-Aven

In Pont-Aven, Brittany, home of the Pont-Aven School of artists who gathered around Paul Gauguin and Emile Bernard in the 1880s. Paul Serusier painted the work known as ‘The Talisman’ there, which would be instrumental in the beginning of the Nabis movement.

The Musée de Pont-Aven has an extensive permanent collection of paintings by Nabis artists and an excellent temporary exhibition of ‘La Modernite en Bretagne’.

Gauguin 'Les Lavandieres in Pont-Aven' (1886)

Paul Gauguin ‘Les Lavandiéres à Pont-Aven’ (1886)

Emile Bernard 'Madeleine au Bois d'Amour' (1888)

Emile Bernard ‘Madeleine au Bois d’Amour’ (1888)

La Modernite en Bretagne 2 exhibition

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‘Odilon Redon’ in Quimper

At the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Quimper for the exhibition ‘Paysages d’Odilon Redon’, a collection of mainly landscape paintings by Redon from his native Aquitaine and Brittany.

Paysages d'Odilon Redon exhibition

Odilon Redon 'Peyrelebade, domaine familial près de Listrac' (1896 - 97)

Odilon Redon ‘Peyrelebade, domaine familial près de Listrac’ (1896 – 97)

Odilon Redon 'Saint Sébastien' (c.1910)

Odilon Redon ‘Saint Sébastien’ (c.1910)

Odilon Redon 'Sommeil de Caliban' (c.1912)

Odilon Redon ‘Sommeil de Caliban’ (c.1912)

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A Postcard from Auray, Brittany

Port of Saint-Goustan, Auray

The port of Saint-Goustan, Auray, Brittany

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‘Picasso Primitif’ at Musée du Quai Branly, Paris

A fascinating exhibition which shows the influence of non-western arts on Picasso’s career. On display are items from Picasso’s own collection of African and Oceanic art as well as works by him that they influenced.

Picasso Primitif poster

Picasso Primitif

Female Body Mask [Nevimbumbao] Vanuatu

Female Body Mask [Nevimbumbao], Vanuatu

Masque Grebo, Musee Picasso

Grebo Mask, Ivory Coast

Picasso 'Three Figures under a Tree' (1907)

Pablo Picasso ‘Three Figures under a Tree’ (1907)

Picasso 'Standing Nude Profile' (1920)

Pablo Picasso ‘Standing Nude Profile’ (1920)

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’21 Rue La Boétie’ at Musée Maillol, Paris

21 Rue La Boétie was the address of the Paris gallery of Paul Rosenberg. who. between the two world wars, represented artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Braque and Leger. The exhibition brings together works that passed through his hands during that period.

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec 'Seated Woman in the Garden' (1891)

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec ‘Seated Woman in the Garden’ (1891)

Fernand Leger 'Le Grand Dejeuner' (1921)

Fernand Leger ‘Le Grand Déjeuner’ (1921)

Picasso 'Bathers' (1921)

Pablo Picasso ‘Bathers’ (1921)

Matisse 'The Piano Lesson' (1923)

Henri Matisse ‘The Piano Lesson’ (1923)

Matisse 'Blue Dress in Ochre Armchair' (1937)

Henri Matisse ‘Blue Dress in Ochre Armchair’ (1937)

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‘Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting’ at the Louvre

A wonderful exhibition of paintings of genre scenes of the daily lives of the Dutch urban elite in the 1650s and 60s. The exhibition shows that far from being a lone figure, Vermeer was part of a network of painters, including Gerard Ter Borch, Pieter de Hooch and Gabriel Metsu, all painting similar subjects.

Vermeer 'The Milkmaid' (c.1657 - 58)

Johannes Vermeer ‘The Milkmaid’ (c.1657 – 58)

Vermeer 'The Astronomer' (c.1668)

Johannes Vermeer ‘The Astronomer’ (c.1668)

Vermeer 'The Geographer' (c.1668 - 69)

Johannes Vermeer ‘The Geographer’ (c.1668 – 69)

Vermeer 'The Lacemaker' (c.1669 - 70)

Johannes Vermeer ‘The Lacemaker’ (c.1669 – 70)

Gerard Ter Borch 'Woman at a Mirror' (1651 - 52)

Gerard Ter Booch ‘Woman at a Mirror’ (1651 – 52)

Pieter de Hooch 'A Woman Nursing an Infant with a Child and a Dog' (c.1658 - 60)

Pieter de Hooch ‘Woma Nursing an Infant, with a Child and a Dog’ (c.1658 – 60)

Gabriel Metsu 'Woman Reading a Letter' (1664 - 66)

Gabriel Metsu ‘Woman Reading a Letter’ (1664 – 66)

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Debussy at Maison de la Radio, Paris

Maison de la Radio

An excellent concert by the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France under Mikko Franck. The programme began with Gershwin’s ‘Concerto for Piano’ with soloist Yeol Eum Son and continued in the second half with Debussy’s ‘Prélude à l’aprés-midi d’un faune’ and ‘La Mer’.

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